Archaeology Weekend

Attendees arrive early Friday afternoon and get settled into their cabin(s) before embarking on the afternoon agenda described below. The Friday evening meal will be served prior to the evening's activities which will include a discussion of Twistflower's history and development. We will convene Saturday morning about 7:00am for breakfast, then proceed to the morning activities. Lunch will be served around 1:00pm, dinner between 7:00pm and 8:00pm. Sunday brunch is scheduled for 9:30am followed by a summarization of the weekend's activities during which you will have a chance to ask any further questions or provide comments on the weekend's agenda before departing late Sunday morning. In addition to the structured agenda items below there will be free time in which you can enjoy some of the Twistflower's other features including the swimming pool (weather permitting), full-size pool table, big screen television, hiking trails, peaceful surroundings and views, relaxation areas or the privacy of your cabin.

Our Leader
Mike Quigg will lead the Native American weekend. An archaeologist with the Gault School of Archaeological Research, Mike brings with him over thirty years of experience including extensive field work throughout North America. He has worked in the environmental consulting field for his entire career, providing archaeological services for such clients as state transportation departments, large oil companies, and state environmental agencies.

Archaeological Weekends:

February 22 - 24, 2019
March 29 - 31, 2019
April 26 - 28, 2019

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Archaeology Weekend Itinerary

Friday Afternoon
Mike will discuss the Native Americans who resided/visited the Twistflower Ranch, including the timeframes they were here and a general description of their lifestyles. Mike will also discuss the methods that archeologists use to 'reconstruct' the activities of Native Americans including interpreting the tools and arrowheads that have been found at Twistflower. You will be introduced to items that the Native Americans used as food sources (e.g. Sotol, lecheguilla, mesquite beans, etc.).

Friday Evening
Mike McCloskey (Twistflower Ranch co-owner) will discuss the more recent history of the ranch including the influence of tribal Indians on this part of Texas, how the land that is Twistflower transferred from State ownership to private ownership, how Mike ‘found’ the ranch, its namesake, how it was developed and who participated in which phases of the development. He will discuss the current uses of Twistflower and provide details concerning the restorative efforts, the riparian buffer zone-protection program, oil exploration, wind farm development, hunting and cattle grazing that occur. Quigg will discuss rock ovens, how they were constructed, how they operated and what was cooked within them. He will discuss the types of living quarters that were used by the natives in this part of the country, as well as native clothing and how it was assembled.

Saturday Morning
After breakfast we will take a tour of the rock shelters that Native Americans used while they resided at the property that is now the Twistflower Ranch. You will see mortars in the limestone floors of the shelters where the natives ground various seeds, nuts, and bulbs in preparation of some of their foods. You will also see primitive rock art that has been dated as being 2,000 years old. Mike will also discuss rock art of Southwest Texas, how it was created, what it means, who created it, and who is currently studying/documenting/preserving it. You will see a talus slope where the natives discarded debris from their shelter areas as they kept them 'tidy'.

Saturday Afternoon
After lunch you will take a tour of other locations on the Twistflower Ranch where you will see other prehistoric campsites with mortars, rock oven remnants, and locations of intense flint knapping that created tools and flint points used for hunting and food preparation. Mike will put all observations into context in order to offer a better understanding of how Native Americans at the Twistflower Ranch lived and spent their time.

Saturday Evening
After dinner you will have an opportunity to participate in a demonstration of one of the Native Americans’ hunting tools, the atlatl.

Sunday Morning
Brunch will be served from 9:30am to 10:00am. During and after brunch you will be able to discuss with Mike Quigg and Mike McCloskey whatever elements of the weekend presentations or activities you have further questions or comments about.